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Following are some recommended links that provide useful nutrition information:

(American Dietetic Association)
Food and nutrition information provided in a responsible, in-depth and accurate manner from a professional association of dietitians.

(New England Dairy and Food Council)
Provides nutrition information for a variety of users including educators, health professionals, consumers and food service personnel. The site allows the user to order from its catalog of educational materials, many of which are free!

(Produce for Better Health Foundation)
This is a fun site that seeks to educate consumers on why fruits and vegetables are an essential part of everyone’s diet. This site has something for everyone: children, educators, journalists and parents.

This site is an assemble of links that connects readers to credible food safety advice from the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Center for Disease Control, and some state and local health agencies.

(American Heart Association)
This site offers a good balance of information, including patient information for heart attack/stroke survivors, nutrition tips for health-conscious consumers, and scientific information for journalists or healthcare professionals.

(Vegetarian Resource Group)
Well-organized and balanced material providing news, recipes, nutrition information, links and ideas for those interested in eating a vegetarian diet.

(Point of Choice)
Provides recipes, including those that meet special dietary requirements, meal plans, nutritional information, and customized shopping lists.


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